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self portrait of shalvi sharma



I am Shalvi, and right now I would give up anything to enjoy a carefree holiday in a foreign destination. I hope you and yours are safe and sound!





I’d ask all the time. This three-lettered word was a nightmare for my mother throughout my childhood. I would walk around the house with perplexed eyebrows questioning everything that I could find. She would snicker and say “I hope you grow up to pave a path for yourself where all your questions are welcome.” 

Besides inquisition, my long and slender fingers apparently indicated that I was creative. So not defying nature, I pursued Industrial design for my Bachelor's and Interaction design for my Master's. I have been a designer for as long as I can remember and currently, I am employing all my skills to make Microsoft Founders Hub accessible for entrepreneurs. Reach out if you want to know more!

I have a love-hate relationship with coffee. What is yours?

Untitled_Artwork 6 copy.png

I visualised my Competency Map in the form of a linear row of shrubs

As a product designer with 6+ years of experience, I try to appreciate problems through a systemic lens. My time at startups has taught me to wear many hats at once, practice end-to-end design, and collaborate extensively with cross-functional teams. I hope to always be a part of growth-oriented workplaces that encourage freedom of ideas and expression. 

Overcollection of badges through the years

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