I am Shalvi, and right now I am wishing for things to change soon with respect to the pandemic. I hope you are keeping healthy!





I’d ask all the time. This three-lettered word was a nightmare for my mother throughout my childhood. I would walk around the house with perplexed eyebrows questioning everything that I could find. She would snicker and say “I hope you grow up to pave a path for yourself where all your questions are welcome.” 

Besides being inquisitive, my long and slender fingers apparently indicated that I was creative. So not defying nature, I pursued my undergraduate studies in Industrial Design at NIFT, New Delhi in India. I continued my creative pursuit as a product designer at Shumee where I led the team for 3 years. But my ‘whys’ had no end. So after some worthwhile design learning in my home country, I moved halfway across the world to expand my horizons. I graduated from California College of the Arts, San Francisco, and now work at Latchel designing enterprise systems for the company.

I have a love-hate relationship with coffee but the different types describe these media so well

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I visualised my Competency Map in the form of a linear row of shrubs

As a product designer with 7+ years of experience, I try to appreciate a problem through a systemic lens instead of a convex one. Given my interest and expertise at finding hidden opportunities, I see myself engaging with products that are in the first half of the double diamond (i.e. research and ideation- diverging phase). I wish to always keep the following at the heart of my journey: life-centered design, sustainability, and ethics.

Overcollection of badges through the years

Always happy to meet Zoom chat over an L cup of boba!

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